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Our Story

Welcome to Hotzy !

A labor of love born out of necessity and a shared passion for flavor.

Meet the minds behind the heat – Dr. Amali Athukorala, her husband, Eng. Mr.Chamath Perera, mastermind Gayan Tharuka, and hardworking Gomeda Idusanka.

Faced with the challenges of an evolving economy in Sri Lanka, we embarked on a journey beyond our professional realms to create something truly special.

Driven by a desire to turn challenges into opportunities, we delved into the world of hot sauce. From the fertile soils of our protected poly tunnel, we carefully cultivate Scotch bonnet hot peppers—the heart and soul of our creation. And we could help the local farmers as well to bring a great value to their hard work through our product.

We worked really hard and carefully when we started making hot sauce, guided by a love for cooking and a determination to bring something extraordinary to your table. Countless experiments, late nights, and shared moments of joy in the kitchen culminated in the birth of our signature hot sauce.

And… Hotzy Hot Sauce was born…!!!

The response from those who sampled our creation was overwhelming, confirming that our passion had transformed into something truly special. As you explore our hot sauce, know that each bottle carries not just the essence of Scotch bonnet peppers but also the spirit of a team united by a shared dream.

Our aim was not only to create an edible hot sauce but to revolutionize the Sri Lankan hot sauce scene. We noticed that people are hesitant to embrace the flavours of hot sauces fully due to the lack of controlled heat. We sought to change that, introducing a range of hot sauces that catered to different taste and heat preferences, ensuring that everyone could enjoy the unique taste of hot peppers without overwhelming their senses.

Join us on this flavorful journey as we celebrate the rich flavors of Sri Lanka, empower local communities and introduce a new hot sauce culture that will tantalize your taste buds and inspire your culinary creations. Hotzy isn’t just a hot sauce; it’s an invitation to experience the warmth of our story in every drop.


Founders, Hotzy