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The most Flavorful Hot Sause Product in Sri Lanka

Pure Taste, Pure Promise

Elevate your dining experience with Hotzy. Our hot sauce, a blend of fresh Scotch bonnet peppers and Ceylon spices, achieves the perfect balance of heat and flavor. No artificial additives, just pure, unadulterated taste. Vegan, all-natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

Our hot sauce is a commitment to quality and conscious living. Unleash the true essence of spice with every drop. A testament to genuine flavor, crafted with care.



Hotzy is pleased to announce that we have received certification from the Good Market Global.

Pure taste,
Pure promise

Weight loss

Capsaicin in the hot peppers increases the metabolism, boosts fat burning and decrease your appetite; all of which may benefit weight loss.

Anti – oxidant

Moderate to high levels of phytochemicals including neutral phenolics and flavonoids found in hot peppers are important antioxidant components.

Anti – inflammatory

Capsaicin works to reduce the inflammatory markers in the body and reduce the inflammation.

Cancer Prevention

It is found that capsaicin may slow the growth and spread of certain types of cancer cells.

Snake Bite

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“Happy Customer”

“Wow It’s Amazing !!!”
Dr. Nisansala Thathsarani

“Real Pineapple Kick”

“We absolutely love Hotzy. It’s perfect balance of heat and taste. Our favorite combo is fride rice and snake bite.”
Ms. Thakshila Roshani

“New year celebration”

“Sooo good. I’m seriously Impresed”
Ms. Pavithra Ranasinghe

“Happy Customer”

“We love new Mango Flavor too!!”
Mr. Lakshan Madushanka

“New One, Really Tasty!”

“Highly recommend for people who love hot Sause with law heat. “
Ms. Kasuni Wasana

“Really tasty and Hot!”

“Highly Recommended!!!”
Mr. Lakmal Vithanage


Ignite your palate with the
perfect blend of fire and flavor

Our hot sauce is not just a condiment; it’s a symphony of spice and soul that elevates every dish to a masterpiece

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